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Amazing property located in the heart of the Alentejo, 40 miutes driving from Algarve and 1h30m driving from Lisbon, with gorgeous landscape and panoramic view .

Running a comfortable touristic 3 star Hotel, functional and well sized Equestrian farm with livestock and being sold as a business and fully equipped with a broad range of infrastructures in excellent conditions.

With a total area of about 150 hectares, with 40 hectares of olive groves and 50 hectares of cork, integrated in a typical Alentejo landscape. The estate is fully fenced and parked.

It has a total area of 4671.75 m2 of buildings distributed as follows: - 581.5 m2 main house with 9 rooms all with bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms one with shower, a kitchen, dining room, 2 living rooms and a courtyard. There are two T1 with lounge, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, which can be used by employees or rented to guests. -251,25 m2 One T0, one T2 and one T3 apartments with lounge, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, which can be used by employees or rented to guests. -93.50 m2 House Oven and Porch supports the swimming pool. -101m2 Bathrooms distributed among the pool bathrooms and showers male and female and a spa area - the area in the final stages of construction. -199.5 m2 Stables consisting of 10 boxes, 1 tack room and three shower areas for horses. The space is prepared with water points exterior to receive portable boxes. -900 m2 Indoor Riding Arena arena of 40 x 20 and tribune. -2,100 m2 Outside Carrier carrier of 70 x 30. -445 m2 Agricultural Warehouse. - Tennis court is under construction.

The whole area of lawn and gardens surrounding the house has a complete system of irrigation sprinklers and drip. Whether it is now a tourist unit and cattle-breeding, this estate has all the conditions to become easily a fantastic family homestead.

The animals here today are 45 cows (Limousine bred), 75 sheep (Il France), about 40 pigs (black pig), 4 thoroughbred Lusitanian mares the creation.

All the agricultural material is included in value of selling where highlights: 20 cow fence with 3 meters each; 70 sheep fence with 2 meters each, 2 bottom feeders, 3 water tank 5800 liters each, Chisel / Plow Hibema 7/6 40 * 40, Shovel 250cm Graders Galucho, Tractor Case with Frontloader, 6 drinkers constant level, 6 Feeders feed est., Diesel Depot, Chainsaw, Drinker with 2 meters, Spreader FreyoAgri 1000lts, Baler John Deere 342, Tractor Mitsubishi MT1401, Mower and Conditioner Roll, Chassis with wheels for cattle, Sower Sola, Mower Cut Comb Double, Jeep Nissan Patrol, Van Open box Toyota Hilux and much more equipment for cattle.

Countryside Hotel and Cattle-Breeding Business Company:

The hotel business has been growing up on last years and we always keep investment on advertizing for new markets. Right now we have a new special website being made for central and northern European customers that will be online soon.

Our little village with brand new three apartments (T0, T2 and T3) is now ready to be used by tourists. Also investment is planned to improve catering capacity over 250 person to have major events like weddings, workshops, expositions and other.

Our Cattle-breeding is also growing up fast. Our cows are all young, now starting to produce and we expect to reach total bovine production within 2 years. Sheep breeding is now under half of its capacity so we expect to have three times more sheep within eight month from now. Our Iberian pig brand new production is a big opportunity on our farm because they eat only Quercus fruit and we have much of Quercus trees all over the farm so the production cost is very low. Quercus fruit is very good for turkey growing also.

Cork, firewood, hay and olive productions are also important fractions of our business.

Our Lusitan horse breeding is the precious inheritance of Andalusia and Portugal. In our horse, “form” follows a “function” perfected over millennia. In this dizzy evolution of the rediscovered breed, there is nothing, now and in the future, to prevent the increasingly demanding function from producing increasingly great “beauty” and a reappraisal of the definition of the Lusitano breed standard. Most of our horses are sold to France, United Kingdom and Germany.

Links: www.aguentinhadocampo.com www.facebook.com/aguentinha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3rZQNzzsHs

Location: https://www.google.pt/maps/place/ 7600+Aguentinha+do+Campo/@37.8333312,- 8.2841766,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1! 1s0xd1a5ae1b69e5fab:0x6f41952afa27bfc4

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Direct Trail Access: Around Property
Time to Dedicated Trails: Direct Access
Time to Schools: 1-5 min
Time to get Qt. Milk: 6-10 min
Time to Groceries: 1-5 min
Time to Commercial Airport: 45-60 min
Time to Major Shopping: 6-10 min
Time to Hospital: 11-15 min
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