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Article - From a REAL Horse Person . . . Author, unknown

Article  Eight (8) Tips when Buying Horse Property
Article from HORSES, INC. by Marie Griffith; BuyHorseProperties.com;

Article: Selling and Buying "AS-IS"
What to Know And Understand Clearly

Article: For Sellers ONLY - Inspections to Order
What Your Real Estate Agent May NOT have Advised you

Article: Photos are So Critical to Your Sale!
Which Pictures to Take and Why

Article   Auction Benefits in Buying Horse Property
A Multitude of Benefits to Buyer and Seller;

Article Common Mistakes Buyers Make
when Purchasing Horse Property

Article  - Horse and Ranch Property Defined,
Information for Buyers and Sellers and Realtors

Article   Equestrian Communities, Are they the New Golf?
by Marie Griffith, MyEquestrianCommunity.com

Article  What are Buyers looking for in Equestrian Communities?
Marie Griffith, MyEquestrianCommunity.com

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--Marie Griffith, Now a RETIRED LEADING REALTOR from Silicon Valley/Santa Clara county; for over 20 years, Marie specialized in selling real estate and Horse Properties in California (Santa Clara and El Dorado counties) until 2006-2007. She began her website in 2002, and buyhorseproperties.com is now the oldest Horse Property website on the Net and one of the largest.